Chef Services

With my background as a Personal Chef, owner and executive chef of Healthy Chef Meals (a prepared meal service), wife to a selective eater, mother of 2, and food lover, I've learned to combine healthy ingredients with flavor. 

I offer a variety of chef services designed to fit any life style.

Chopping Vegetables

Personal Chef Services

Trying to loose weight or eat healthier?

Too busy or tired to cook?

Could your stress-filled days use some stress-free meals?

want to avoid processed and "fast" foods?

Enjoy eating but not cooking?

I can provide an affordable alternative!  As your personal chef, I provide delicious, plant-based, mostly organic meals tailored to your family's preferences and dietary needs.

Cooking Classes

Join in for a fun an informative private or small group cooking classes!  Each class is packed with tips and techniques.  

I offer a variety of class options.  Click on the link below to learn more. 

Want to host a cooking class for your group - contact me!

Cooking Fellowships

Together, with your group or organization, we will prepare a number of recipes to stock home freezers and/or for those that are in need. 

I work with your group to coordinate a large "batch" cooking including: how to adjust recipes; time and cost effective shopping; arrange the cooking day to be time efficient; pricing meals; and more


Private Pantry Clean-Out & Grocery Store Tour

In-home session (up to 2 hours) to go through your pantry, cabinets and refrigerator to help set you up for success!  We'll focus on healthy foods and  work on optimal storage techniques.  Then we'll head to your favorite grocery store for a 1 hour tour to discover all the healthy options and learn how to really read the information on food packaging.  Optional add-on would include a visit to one or more of the local health food stores and a pantry follow up.

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Colorful Food
Colorful Food

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